KORG PA-800 61-Key Professional Arranger

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    Kaina 1599 
    • RX (Real experience) technology includes Defined Nuance Control and EDS Synthesis for great sound
    • Style engine follows your voice-leading, chording and timing for instant, on-the-fly arrangements
    • XDS Dual Song Player with crossfade; Multi-track, Backing, and Step sequencing; Pad Sequencing
    • 950+ Sounds; 64 Drum kits; 400+ Styles; 4 Stereo Multi-effects; 320 Performances, SongBook database
    • Color Touch View display - easy/expert modes, contextual help screens; robust internal sound system
  • Over twenty-five years ago, Korg introduced the first interactive keyboard - the SAS 20. In the years that followed, the i-Series, iS-Series and the Pa Series have defined the interactive workstation category and set the standard for excellence. Tens of thousands of musicians worldwide have chosen to make one of Korg’s Pa keyboards their musical partner. The combination of breath-taking sound quality, professional features and musical versatility – teamed with our powerful Style engine – provides the perfect instrument to satisfy all of your musical ambitions. 

    In Performance
    Alone or in a combo setting, the Pa800 offers unprecedented expression and sonic excellence. The Style engine can add anything from a simple backbeat, an extra guitar strumming along, on up to a rollickin’ R & B rhythm section to augment and enhance your performance – in real time! And our XDS Crossfade Dual Songplayer guarantees the music never stops. 

    The Songwriting Station
    Transform a handful of musical ideas into complete backing tracks in minutes. The key is our dynamic sequencer. Freely switch between Style-driven “Quick Record”; traditional “Track at a time” workstation and “Step Entry/Edit” Modes without losing your data. This flexibility allows you to use all of the Pa composition tools to sculpt your song. 

    Production Powerhouse
    The Pa800 is your interactive production music library – without any needle-drop charges or royalty clearance. Need to create fourteen seconds of flamenco dance? Need to fill a twelve second musical cue in a country/western bar? Need a thirty second donut of Brazilian dance music? With hundreds of musical Styles instantly available, your production chores just got easier. 

    Worship Solutions
    Nothing puts an instrument to the test like a modern worship service. TC HELICON vocal effects and 3-part harmonies can transform your voice into a mini-choir to lead the congregation with confidence. A full array of sounds are available: grand piano, bells, strings, harps and trumpets along with plenty of solid keyboard sounds – including electric pianos, harpsichord, and that all important drawbar organ! The Style engine can fill in for any missing member of your worship team. Add the Video Output option and project MIDI or text lyrics as you perform.