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Garso ėmikliai gitaroms

  • Complete guitar-to-computer package with acoustic-guitar pickup, 1/4"-to-USB cable, and Cubase LE software
  • Single-coil pickup gives your acoustic guitar hassle-free output
  • GuitarLink 1/4"-to-USB cable makes connecting any guitar or bass to your computer quick and easy
  • Quick and easy, do-it-yourself installation and removal with no modification needed
  • Works with iPad via Apple USB Adaptor (sold separately)
  • Pickup mounting brackets feature soft, shock-absorbing cushions for high performance
  • Built-in analog-to-digital conversion for CD-quality recording
  • 16.5-foot (6m) GuitarLink cable length
  • Works with iPad via Apple USB Adaptor(sold separately)

piezo pickup, 70x2,8mm, shrink tube, with 2,5mm jack 


piezo pickup, copper foil, with 2,5mm jack, 69 x 2,5mm