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Mid-Size Intelligent Scanner


Compact Intelligent Scanner


Larger Scanner Style


Larger Scanner Style Prop & Gear Case


Aggressor/Double Derby Style Case


High Velocity Fan for use with Stage Foggers and Hazers/Fazers

Max Fan volume : 30m3/min

Fan Angle : 0°-360°

2 DMX Modes : 1 or 2 channel Mode

Fan Speed adjustmnet 0-100%

4-button LCD Display for easy configuration

Rotary Speed Knob on rear for manual control

1/4 Jack input for optional remote control

Safety loop on rear

3 pin DMX in/out

PowerCon in/out for daisy-chaining

Max Power draw : 130W

Dimensions : 350mm W x 422mm L x 131mm H

Weigth : 8,56kg 



  • Durable padded Gig Bag for transporting lighting, cables, clamps etc.
  • Fits up to 8 Slim LED Pars
  • 7 padded dividers may be removed to fit other effect lighting, cables, clamps, etc. (see case dimensions)
  • Front pockets fit cables and/or controllers
  • Inner Bag Dimensions (LxWxH): 29”x10”x9.25” / 735x250x220mm
  • STAND BY - Pressing this button will blackout the fixture. Press the button again to return to the initial state.
  • FULL ON - Hold this button down to fully light up the unit. When you let the button go, the unit will return to its previous state.
  • FADE/GOBO - Control fade or GOBO (depending on the fixture)
  • “DIMMER +” and “DIMMER -” - Use the buttons to adjust the output intensity. 
  • STROBE - Press and hold this button for strobing.
  • COLOR - Press this button to activate color mode. Use buttons 1-5 to select your desired color.
  • 1- 9 BUTTONS - Use buttons 1-9 to select your desired color when color mode is active or your desired show when show mode is active.
  • SOUND ON & OFF - Use the buttons to activate and deactivate sound active mode.
  • SHOW 0 - Press this button to select Show 0. Use buttons 1-9 to select Shows 1-9. Press the Show 0 button twice to run Show 10, and press button 1 twice to run show 11.

An adapter enabling you to mount a single lighting outlet on a speaker stand.